Have you ever been driving and notice your vehicle vibrating? If so, it could indicate any number of issues from tire to engine problems.

Driving a car that continuously vibrates, resulting in your hands shaking on the wheel and maybe even some teeth chattering, can make for an irritating ride. There are many things that could cause vibrations, but some are more common than others. Read on to discover the top six reasons why your car vibrates.

  1. Tire problems. Tires that are unbalanced or have uneven tread wear can cause your vehicle to vibrate. Have your tires balanced at least once a year to ensure equal weight distribution around each wheel. Rotating the tires every 6,000 miles to prevent uneven tread wear also helps prevent vibrating.
  2. Engine misfire. A misfiring engine can lead to vibrations. When the cylinders are not producing a spark, a misfire is the result and it causes a noticeable shake. In the engine things happen at a specific speed. When there is an inconsistency the vehicle vibrates. Worn spark plugs are a common cause of engine misfire.
  3. Warped rotors. When the rotors are warped the steering wheel and body of the car may vibrate. The shaking will happen when you brake. The rotors usually warp after the brake pads have completely worn and metal is rubbing against metal. If the rotors are warped they will need to be replaced and you will likely need new pads as well. Replacing four rotors and brake pads can be rather expensive, so maintaining your brakes at the regular intervals outlined in your owner’s manual is very important.
  4. Loose front end components. With some steering systems, the inner and outer tie rods will break down leading to vibrations. Tie rods are responsible for connecting your vehicle’s steering arm to the steering rack. If the tie rod ends have a lot of wear they should be replaced.
  5. Damaged motor mount. Motor mounts are meant to connect a vehicle’s engine to the frame and prevent vibrations. When they go bad, they will not absorb the rotation or vibration of the motor resulting in noticeable vibration. Like many other vehicle components, the motor mounts go bad over time from aging and use and will need to be replaced. Regular vehicle maintenance will monitor the condition of the motor mounts so you can replace them before a serious problem occurs.
  6. Trouble with the drive shaft. Typically, drive shafts are found in vehicles with four-wheel and rear-wheel drive, like pickup trucks. The drive shaft delivers power to the back of the vehicle from the engine and transmission. They are located under the vehicle and can be damaged if they hit the ground (a common occurrence when off-roading), which would cause the vehicle to vibrate.

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