Imagine you are all ready to go to an important business or social meeting and you are running late. You get into your car only to find that it won’t start.

Your frustration levels skyrocket. You might try starting your car a few times before giving up. The next thought that will probably plague you is what it might cost to fix the problem.

Does this sound familiar? If yes, then read on to know four of the most possible culprits for your car not starting. 

  • Battery Trouble

Ironic as it may sound, if the reason why your car won’t start is due to a dead battery, it’s not very bad news.

You can always jumpstart the battery. If your car starts, we suggest you have your battery and alternator checked-up.

If the issue is because of faulty connections, or wear and tear of battery parts such as the cables or posts, it is also an affordable fix.

Your car technician will be able to address the issue easily. A simple clean-up will suffice – the technician will run a few tests to check for other possible battery issues and fix them.

  • You’re Out of Fuel!

Ok so this one is elementary – if your gas tank is empty, naturally your car won’t start. It does seem stupid, but you will be surprised how many times people forget to fill up on gas even if they are running low. All you need to do is fill up the tank and you’re good to go.

Sometimes, your fuel gauge might read full, but your tank is actually empty. This needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

Getting stranded at home is one thing – running out of fuel while you are on the road and far away from a gas station is not the most pleasant of experiences. Certainly, in an Idaho summer!

Related to the fuel, there could be other potential issues behind your starting trouble.

A fuel leak could stem from a damaged fuel pump or fuel line. Alternatively, your fuel filter could be clogged. This means the fuel supply to the engine will get cut-off. Ideally, fuel filters should be replaced every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers.

Again, this is something that your car technician will check when you take your car for servicing.

  • Faulty Starter or Ignition Switch Issues

A faulty starter is another potential cause for your car not starting. What is a starter? Well, it’s a small electrical motor which connects with your battery and helps in getting the engine moving upon ignition.

A faulty starter will not be able to get the engine moving and all you might get is a clicking sound and a dead engine.

If the starter bolts are loose, simply tightening the bolts will fix the issue. Or all you need to do is clean the plunger.

But if you are not sure where the problem lies and what to do about it – a professional car technician will easily address the fault.

A problem with your ignition switch can also cause starting problem. You might notice that your headlights and dashboard light up, but your car does not start. If this is the case, it could be due to a faulty ignition switch.

  • Other Possible Issues to Consider

In addition to the problems listed above, your car starting trouble might stem from a host of other issues as well. So, for example, you could be looking at an issue with the computer system, or a potential issue with a clogged air filter, or even the engine oil. 

Your car is a mechanical structure with a slew of running parts. A fault in any of the running parts could easily prevent your car from starting.

The best way to avoid car trouble, especially starting trouble, is by ensuring you take your car for routine maintenance.

During a service call, your car technician will conduct a thorough check-up, run necessary diagnostics, and carry out the required repairs or replacements to fix any issues that might be causing problems in the present or could cause problems in the future.

Meridian Automotive – Professional Car Repair Service You Can Trust!

Facing car starting trouble? Or have you noticed any of the above-mentioned issues with your car? If yes, don’t ignore the issue. We can help you with the necessary repairs.

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