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Dodge cars have been a part of American culture for nearly 100 years. In fact, they were initially designed by John and Horace Dodge, who first started their business in Detroit in 1914.

The Dodge Brothers Motor Company focused on building affordable cars that were reliable and easy to maintain. They also incorporated innovative features into their vehicles that would later become standard features in other cars: an electric starter motor and the use of steel rather than wood for body panels.

Dodge Repair in Meridian, ID

When to Bring your Dodge for Repair

If you’re like many of our customers, you may have a car that’s been in your family for years. Maybe it’s an old Dodge, or perhaps it’s a newer model. Either way, you’ve probably been taking your vehicle to the shop for repairs and maintenance for as long as you’ve owned it—and that means there are some things you could be doing during those visits to ensure that they’ll last as long as possible.

One of our most important recommendations is that you get oil changes on time (at least every 3 months). This will keep your engine running smoothly, which means less wear and tear on all the other parts of your car. It also ensures that you don’t have any issues with oil leaks or other problems related to insufficient lubrication.

Another thing we recommend is getting regular inspections done at least once a year (or every 12 months). This can include everything from checking tire pressure to looking under the hood for unusual wear patterns or damage from accidents or other causes. We also recommend getting an inspection done before buying a used car or if you’re considering selling yours soon!

Finally, we encourage everyone who owns a Dodge vehicle to use our service department whenever they need repairs.

Expert and Trained in Dodge Repair

Meridian Automotive is here to help you do just that. We know how important your car is. That’s why we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and repair for all your Dodge vehicles so that they can be protected from damage and remain in tip-top condition for years to come.

But if something does go wrong with your car, don’t worry! Getting repairs done as soon as signs show can be the difference between having a minor issue and having a major one. We understand this and will do everything we can to ensure that when you bring your vehicle in for service, we can fix it quickly so that you can get back out on the road as quickly as possible.

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Aleaha Tussing
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I've been trusting Meridian Automotive with my business for years. Mike is great, always makes the experience a good one. He's professional, personable, and knowledgeable. The whole team always goes above and beyond to make repairs and maintenance painless, and they do it right the first time.
Melissa Trudell
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They are accurate in diagnosing the problem in my car and truck, fixed the problem and works like a top. I like their honesty, if they don't feel they can fix the problem, they won't try and bill you, they will recommend you to another shop who possibly can. I will continue to take our vehicles there as long as I'm getting great service that's affordable. Thank you for your great service.
Pamela Thompson
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Meridian Automotive has fabulous customer service and is especially good at follow up. Wish their prices were lower and they always try to soften the blow, very understanding and explain things too
Eric Call
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My check engine light came on while traveling from Twin Falls, and I needed to get my car in quick. They were wonderful to work with, they were able to squeeze me in, and did an excellent job, and charged me a very fair price. I will definitely use then again in the future.
Luke Karel
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The team at Meridian Automotive has done a great job on servicing our fleet vehicles. We had been using another company for years but started to notice a downturn in the quality of work and level of service. We made the switch to Meridian Automotive and are so glad we did. Do you want to be treated with kindness, respect, and integrity? If so, this is the place for you. They do quality work and provide piece of mind. We will continue to use Meridian Automotive for our business fleet vehicles. I will also be utilizing their services for my personal vehicles, and this includes a classic truck that my dad restored. I can assure you the only peolpe I would let work on that truck are those I trust completely.
Anette McClain
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John & Nick were exceptional in taking care of me and my car on short notice with a rather urgent situation. I highly recommend Meridian Automotive! Great communication and affordable repairs!
John Lehn
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They made quick repairs on my pickup to pass emissions test. Gave professional explanation of other potential issues. Decent prices and good customer service. I’ll be coming back.
Deanna Mullins
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Meridian Automotive provided excellent service with all expectations met, including pickup date.
Aaron Whipple
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The folks at Meridian Automotive has always been everything I want in a mechanic: knowledgeable, prompt, personable, professional, affordable, and easy to interact with. Brought my car in with a cracked cooling line, dropped it off for next day pickup because that's a convenient option for me, and everything was tip top after the in-and-out pickup process. They've been greeting me by name since the second time I stepped foot in the building, making it clear they care more about their customers than they actually have to.
Dominik Tolman
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My Durango had a bad wheel bearing, Meridian Automotive was able to get it in for an inspection, complete the work, and get it back to me in the span of 1 day's time. They do great quality work, quickly, and at great prices! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone
John Zacharias
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Really friendly group of people that are quick to work on a car and happy to help figure out car stuff. My wife's car went down and the check engine light was flashing. They were super helpful and were able to get things figured out quickly so that we could get her car back on the road. I would definitely recommend


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