Signs of a Bad Battery Under the Hood?

Identifying signs of a bad battery under the hood is easy to detect by observing the sound, smell, and brightness of the light.

The sound of the horns is weak and sounds like a crying cow,  the horn of the car uses electricity coming from the battery. If the battery does not enough charge the electric current can’t supply the needed amount of energy to produce the right sound of the horn. The sound of the horn is different. It becomes weak and has a low tune.

Having Dim lights even if you turn the beams on. The lights of the car are all electrical and need electricity coming from the battery of the car. If the battery is running low it could not pass a good electrical current going to the lights of the car.

When you are having a hard time starting the car. Starting a car needs a big amount of energy. When you experience this hard start, you can visit your auto mechanic. Because it is a sign that you have a bad battery. Then when the car smells like sulfur your battery is in bad shape. When you smell sulfur when you start your car it means that your battery pack is damaged, or corroded. Eventually, the battery with the sulfur leak will die and the sulfur leak will damage your car engine. It is better to buy a new battery than disregarding the smell of the fumes that could harm a person’s health. Then there is a time when you try to turn on the ignition and it takes too long to start the car. The car could have a bad battery and it has a low charge. 

You have a bad battery sign when you need to step on the gas pedal to start the car- you do not need to do this if this is very unusual to you when you start the ignition of the car. You can bring your car to an auto mechanic here in Utah.

Recognizing signs of a bad battery includes identifying a swollen battery case, which is abnormal and indicates an issue. Batteries should not be bloated. It is because of a hydrogen build up inside the car’s battery. Car battery replacement will do the trick. Ask your mechanic what to do.

Sometimes the Engine backfires.  In some circumstances, the low charge battery can produce sparks that could damage the car’s engine. Have it checked by an auto mechanic. 

The alternator problem is why sometimes a car will not start because of the alternator failure resulting from a dead battery.

You will also hear some clicking sound when you start the engine- when you turn on the car’s ignition and give that ticking sound, it is because it is a sign of having a bad means that you have a low charge.

The Low Battery light is on.- change your battery as soon as possible when you see this sign. It is harder for you if your car won’t start after you have parked it at the office, in the mall or whatever destination that you have. 

If you are in a hurry and the Central locking does not work you will need to use your key to unlock and manually lock the car when you go down. You can also check your car key batteries  if the key battery is low batt or not.

How to Avoid the Signs of a Bad Battery?

You have to change your battery every 4  years or less. We recommend changing batteries after 2 years. You do not want to lose battery power when you are in the middle of the road or while on a family trip. Do not risk beyond 4 years.

The battery has acid for them to run. There is a certain level for the safety of the battery. You can ask your mechanic to check the acid level of your battery every 6 months or 2x a year to ensure that your battery is in top shape. Batteries also need water, add water carefully. 

During your routine preventive maintenance, it’s advisable to request the mechanic to inspect your battery for signs of a bad battery. These professionals possess the expertise needed to identify potential issues.

The car is on the road always, and dirt dust, and fragments of whatever we encounter from our travel can affect the battery. Remove any dirt or debris surrounding the battery terminals. Cleaning it will be good for your battery because it prevents the terminals from rusting or corroding. Always make sure that the cover of the battery terminals is neatly tucked in its place, covering the terminals properly.

Avoid leaving your car too long without heating the engine and running it for 15 mins. Your car’s battery will drain itself slowly if you don’t heat the engine by running it. This will save you from buying a new battery and saving you from emergency calls that the battery has died. Keep the battery warm especially duting winder. Cold weather is bad for your battery. Get a battery warmer for your battery for the obvious reason of making it warm. It helps to start the ignition of the engine and minimizes the power consumption of the vehicle.


Take care of your car’s battery to maximize the power that it gives out to your vehicles. Change batteries every four years or less. Four years is the maximum. Recognizing signs of a bad battery can be challenging when it’s under your hood. You can ask the mechanic near you here at Meridian, Idaho to check the batteries of your vehicle. You can call Meridian Automotive to avoid having the signs of a bad battery. They have a wide variety of battery brands which you can choose from they are experts when it comes to car batteries.

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