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Air Conditioner Service:

Established in 1993, we service all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUV’s. Our goal is to deliver high-quality vehicle service and repairs that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations and, to provide a customer-friendly environment that promotes trust, integrity and satisfaction.

Brake Fluid Flush and Change:

Recommended every 30,000 miles. Flush old fluid; inspect reservoir and cap; inspect lines and fittings; install new fluid.

Brake Service (Front or Rear):

Remove and replace pads or shoes; resurface brake rotors or drums; inspect brake lining and components; test parking brake; adjust brakes.

Complete Automatic Transmission Service:

Recommend every 60,000 miles. Add flushing cleaner to transmission; hook-up flush machine; completely flush all transmission components; replace all transmission fluid; add transmission conditioner; check for leaks; inspect detent cable and all linkages (adjust as necessary); road test vehicle.

Complete Cooling System Service:

Check all hoses and belts; pressure test system; check heater, defroster and cooling fan operation; flush and recycle antifreeze; correct coolant mixture to 50/50 mixture; insure proper PH balance; check for leaks; road test vehicle.

Drive ability Diagnostic Services:

Diagnose electrical problems; Test alternator, starter, and battery for problems; Inspect A/C and heater components for any failures; Diagnose check engine light or service engine soon light problems; Emissions re-check diagnostic and repair.

Emission Repair and Retest Facility:

Diagnose reason vehicle failed emissions and repair vehicle. Re-test vehicle to get emission certificate.

Engine Diagnostic Service:

Computer Oscilloscope analysis, fuel pressure test, code retrieval, and vacuum testing.

Four Wheel Alignment:

Recommended once a year. Set tire pressure; inspect all steering system and suspension components for wear; set front toe-in, caster, camber, and rear toe-in.

Fuel Induction System Cleaning:

Recommended every 20,000 miles. This service helps reduce emission plus improve drivability and fuel mileage. Clean throttle body area, use induction system cleaner to clean intake manifold area and intake valves; install fuel additive in tank to clean fuel injection system and remove carbon.

Maintenance, Replace Spark Plugs:

Replace spark plugs. Check for engine fault codes and check idle and timing specifications.

Oil Change – 3,000 Mile Quick Lube Oil Service:

Recommended every 3,000 miles. Drain oil; replace oil filter; install factory recommended oil; adjust tire pressure; inspect all fluid levels; inspect air filters; inspect wiper blades.

Power Steering Fluid Service:

Complete power steering fluid flush. Inspect all components for wear, leaks and proper operation; fortify fluid with power steering conditioner.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection:

70 point vehicle inspection that includes checking lights, all fluids & hoses, vehicle electrical test, tires and brakes, heating and a/c.

Tire installation – Mount and Balance:

We specialize on installation, mounting and balancing Khumo, Falcon, Yokohama, Bridgestone and, Michelin tires (. Same day service is available…depending on size and availability.

Tire Rotation:

Recommended every 6,000 miles. Rotate all 4 tires. This service prolongs the life of your tires.

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