Having Trouble with a Low Oil Pressure Engine at Meridian, Idaho?

There must be something wrong with your engine. How is your car’s Lubricant? Is it running low? That is why you are having a low oil pressure engine. It is just one of the reasons why you are having a low oil pressure engine. Not having enough lubricant can cause metal to metal friction and can lead to machine failure and expensive repairs.

Some Factors Causes a Low Oil Pressure Engine

You will find that there is not enough oil running in the engine. Even when you add the right amount of engine oil to the engine, through time it may evaporate due to everyday use of your vehicle, the heat of  the running engine evaporates the components of the engine oil. 

Age of the engine is also a factor of  increasing the use of oil, it needs to be lubricated as much as it needs to be. As the engine age it requires more oil to run within the engine to run properly. 

Check if there is a leak in your engine like the tubes. Do they have cracks or a rodent made a hole. This must be addressed immediately as the oil will drip continuously to the floor and empty your engine oil. You must avoid running with low engine oil. Viscosity, it is the resistance to flow within the engine. 

When we say High viscosity, there will be a resistance to motion because of how the molecular makeup is. It is very thick, like honey. Then at a Low viscosity, the liquid flows easily because the molecular makeup does not resist friction, like water. 

Have you checked the Dipstick? If the dipstick indicator for the engine oil is in the minimum and maximum, it would be an indicator for worn engine bearings because of the high mileage. The bearings and the timing belt need to be replaced. This will give a low oil pressure engine. 

Check also if you have a defective oil pressure gauge, why? When your oil pressure gauge light is on but the level of your engine oil is normal, temperature is normal, the engine is running normal, no unusual sounds, the problem might be the oil pressure gauge . Have it checked by a technician and if the sensor still lights up, check the oil pump it might be defective. Why not try Meridian Automotive to check what is happening to your car here at Meridian, Idaho.

How about the oil Pump? If the dipstick indicator for the engine oil is in between the minimum and maximum but you are hearing unwanted noise from your engine, your vehicle’s oil pump needs a replacement already. It could be worn out due to everyday usage and due to the car engine’s age. 

Is your filter clogged? A pressure gauge is installed after the oil filter. If the filter if clogged with dust, dirt particles, metal particles from the engine, combustion by-products (not all fuel is being burnt up completely). This will deteriorate the quality of the engine oil.

How to Avoid Having Low Oil Pressure Engine

Change the oil and filter of your vehicle regularly as indicated by your auto mechanic. Use a high- quality kind of lubricant for your engine with the proper viscosity, not too thick and not too thin according to specification of  the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Always check your car engine’s oil measurement regularly. Make it sure to have it always on the maximum level to ensure a safe ride and your engine is protected.

Check the color of your engine oil if it is too dark or just right. If it is too dark it means that it is too thick and the viscosity is low. Your vehicle needs to have it’s scheduled oil change right away. Call your mechanic here at Meridian, Idaho for your schedule.

Always check the under of your car when  parked before you turn on your engine and go. Do not be in a hurry when it comes to checking your car’s safety.


Your car has been well lubricated for the bearings to work properly and the internal engine. Check regularly the level of your oil as well as the oil’s color to avoid low viscosity.

You can check the Meridian Automotive,  their technicians are all ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified. They underwent extensive training for handling different kinds of automotive services with different car brands. They are serious with their craftsmanship that they can deliver properly with excellence. They give a limited warranty to all their repairs and replacements within three years or 36,000 miles. Meridian Automotive gives work estimates before the job is done. If you can’t pay up front after the job they also have financing options available, just tell them. This automotive shop also has a shuttle service if you need one, when you leave your vehicle to them. No time is wasted. You can give them a call or check their website for more information.

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