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Meridian Automotive provides complete car engine repair in Meridian, Idaho, for most cars, light trucks and SUV’s.

For over 20 years we’ve been Meridian’s automotive engine repair experts.

Vehicle Maintenance and Inspections Are Critical to Engine Health

When an engine is carefully maintained, it can make it into a mileage range well into six digits. Investing in regular vehicle inspections and maintenance will ensure maximum engine efficiency and performance. To keep your engine performing at its best you should do the following:

  • Perform regular oil changes. As the lifeblood of your car, oil is key. It is fundamental to engine performance.
  • Change the air filter as needed. Make sure you check the air filter for excessive soot and debris and change it when necessary.
  • Inspect the spark plugs regularly. Replace them according to your vehicles specific manufacturer recommendations.
  • Pay attention to dashboard warning lights and vehicle gauges. Bring your vehicle in to be diagnosed if the check engine light should come on.
  • Keep your tires properly aligned and inflated. Your tires affect vehicle safety, as well as ride stability. Misaligned tires can cause unnecessary strain on your vehicle and potentially cause unnecessary wear and damage to your engine. Properly maintained tires also have an effect on your fuel economy.
  • Have your brakes checked regularly. Bad, worn brakes cause unnecessary strain on your vehicle.
Avoid these bad habits to maintain engine performance and efficiency:
  • Revving the engine when you are in park or neutral.
  • Accelerating a cold engine hard before it has had the chance to reach normal operating temperatures.
  • Driving with an empty gas tank.

Check Engine Light

When your check engine light comes on, it means that there is a problem with your vehicle’s emission, fuel, or ignition systems. A flashing check engine light is indicative of a serious problem. If it is on, but steady, it indicates that there is a problem, but it is not yet serious. Often times, engine problems have a domino effect, once something happens, and repair is put off, it will lead to further problems. In order to keep your repair bill as low as possible and minimize the amount of damage done to your engine, it is best to bring your vehicle in for an engine diagnostic as soon as the light is on, steady or not. Here is a list of possible causes of a steady or flashing check engine light:
  • Loose gas cap
  • Catalytic converter problem
  • Engine vacuum leak
  • Oxygen sensor is failing
  • Worn or bad spark plug/ignition coil
  • Worn or bad spark plug wires
  • Excessive release of air pollutants
  • Undue gas consumption
  • Broken mass air flow sensor
  • Broken or failing oxygen sensor
  • Problem with the EDR valve
If your check engine light is on, do not hesitate to have us look over your vehicle. The sooner the problem is taken care of, the less damage you will do to your vehicle, which will help keep the repair costs to a minimum. Don’t just trust anyone with your engine repair services, trust the experts at Meridian Automotive. Call us today or schedule an appointment online.

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