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There are some sounds that we have become accustomed to hearing while driving — for example, the low humming of an engine and the whoosh sound of wind when driving at high speed.

Apart from the expected sounds, if you start to hear weird noises from your car, it may indicate a fault that needs to be looked at by a mechanic.

The following are some common car sounds and what they may mean:

Squeaking Sound When Making a Turn: If you start to hear a squeaking noise when turning right or left, there may be a problem with your steering system. Usually, this sound is accompanied by stiffness of the steering wheel. It could either be related to low steering fluid or an issue with your steering pump and rack.

Loud Metal Grinding Sound When You Hit the Brakes: When you hear a grinding sound whenever you press your brakes, it could mean that your brake pads are worn out. On top of this, if you hear a clunking noise when you hit the brakes, there may be something wrong with your braking hardware.

Roaring Sound When You Increase Speed: A roaring sound from your engine could indicate that there is a problem with your car’s exhaust system. This is especially dangerous and needs to be checked out immediately. If the roaring sound is accompanied by issues when changing gears, then the problem may be with your transmission.

Guttural “Rur” Sound When You Start Your Car: If you start hearing a guttural “rur, rur” sound when you start your vehicle, there may be issues with your battery. This is especially true if your car doesn’t start immediately (i.e. you need a few tries before it sparks up). If this goes unattended, your vehicle may fail to start completely.

Squealing or Grinding Sound Whenever You Hit the Brakes: If you hear a high-pitched squealing sound whenever you try to brake, this may be because your brake pad has worn out. A worn-out rotor usually produces this squealing sound. If you experience this, it is essential to get your brake pads checked out as soon as possible, or you may also need to replace your rotor.

Rattling Sound When Driving: Usually, a rattling sound indicates that something is not fitted correctly. It could either be that your brake pads are loose, or a part of your exhaust system is not tightly fitted. Whatever the case, this is a serious issue that requires immediate attention.

Squealing Sound: A squealing sound from your engine most likely means that a belt is worn out and needs to be checked. A chirping sound from your engine could also indicate the same thing. The belts in your car engine are highly essential to ensure it functions normally. It can be dangerous if any of the belts in your engine snaps while you are driving.

Loud Bang or Explosions: If you hear a loud bang when you start your car or while driving around, there may be an issue with your catalytic converter.

Clicking Sound: Most of the time, when you hear a clicking sound while driving around, it has to do with oil in your engine. Your engine may be too low or very dirty.

Take Care of Your Car

If you hear a weird sound coming from your car, do not ignore it. Vehicles are designed with different parts that work together in harmony. If there is an issue with one part, it may affect the others soon enough.

This may not only mean you have to spend a lot more to fix the problem but could even lead to an accident. The aphorism that a stick in time saves nine does not only apply to fashion but also automobiles.

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