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Meridian Automotive provides auto batteries, battery testing and battery replacement in Meridian, Idaho, for most cars, light trucks and SUV’s.

What does a car battery do?

The battery is your vehicle’s only source of electrical power. While you operate your vehicle, the alternator charges the battery. If your battery dies or is not charged sufficiently, you won’t be able to start the car or use any of its electrical components (radio, lights, electric windows, etc.).

AC Delco Battery

Symptoms of a failed or failing car battery:

      • Car doesn’t start or struggles to start
      • Electrical components don’t work well (lights dim, or flicker, windows roll down slower than normal)
      • Corrosion on the battery cables

Corrosion is the battery’s worst enemy. When you open the hood of your car and look at your battery, you may see a bluish or white powdery looking substance on the battery cables. This means that your battery is leaking acid and it is very dangerous.  If left alone, this substance will corrode battery cables and terminal-ends. If your battery cables are corroded, your battery should be replaced.

When you bring your car in to Meridian Automotive for a battery test, this is some of the tests we will do to see if your battery is failing.

      • Perform a load test.
      • Test charging system for proper operation
      • Test alternator and starter
      • Clean the cables, install anti-corrosion washers
      • Remove and replace the battery if it is bad.

Did you know? We use a “clock saver” to make sure that your clock, stereo and other electronic components don’t get reset while we test or install batteries.

If you have purchased an AC Delco battery from us and the cable lines are corroded, we will replace your battery for free! 

Winter is hard on batteries.  If your car is parked outside during the winter, the cold weather will make it harder for your car to start and will wear out the battery faster, increasing the chance of battery failure.  No one wants to get stranded on the highway, in the snow, with a dead battery.  Make sure that you get your battery checked out before winter.

And don’t just trust anyone with your car battery services, trust the experts at Meridian Automotive. Call us today or schedule an appointment online.

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