Contaminated Engine Fuel

Car engine fuel is critical to your car’s overall performance. However, over a period, your car engine fuel can get

Some of the signs of this happening include trouble starting or with acceleration. While it is impossible to completely prevent contamination, you can limit the level of contamination and its impact on the way your car performs.

What Leads to Car Engine Fuel Contamination?

Car engine fuel can get contaminated in several ways. One of the most common contaminants is water. The damage from water contamination impacts car performance because your engine gets impacted – both compression and combustion of engine fuel are affected.

If your gas tank cap or top is not securely sealed, water can easily enter the tank while you are washing your car,
or it could also happen due to condensation. Water could also enter the gas tank via a damaged fuel filter in the pump at the station from where you fill up on gas.

Another common reason for contamination of the engine fuel is if the fuel in your car is old. Over a period, fuel can get contaminated with debris leading to car trouble.

To prevent this from happening, your car has a fuel filter. The filter is responsible for ensuring that any dirt, dust,
or metal shavings don’t enter the engine through the gas tank. If for any reason this debris makes its way passed the fuel filer, it can lead to engine damage.

If your fuel filter is old or damaged it will need to be replaced. This is a job that is best left to a professional car

Car trouble from contaminated engine fuel might not be too severe in the beginning. However, over a period of time and if left unchecked, contaminated engine fuel can lead to more serious engine trouble.


3 Ways Bad or Contaminated Fuel Affects Car Performance

If you don’t know what to watch out for, picking up on signs of trouble caused by contaminated engine fuel can be difficult. For this reason, we have listed out three ways in which bad engine fuel impacts car performance.

The Car Engine Stops Running Abruptly

If your engine fuel is contaminated, one of the first things you will notice is that your car engine stops running suddenly.

  • The process of internal combustion generates the necessary power needed for your car to run.
  • If, however, the engine fuel is contaminated, it won’t be able to support the process of internal combustion completely – as a result the car engine will stop running.
  • Difficulty in starting the car engine is another way in which contaminated engine fuel affects car performance.

Car Will Not Accelerate Even When You Step on the Gas Pedal

If you find that your car does not respond when you step on the accelerator, it could be due to contaminated engine fuel. Watch out for the following signs:

  • The engine is slow or hesitates to pick up speed when you step on the gas pedal.
  • The car is completely unresponsive – even if you step down hard on the accelerator. 
  • You notice this hesitation or unresponsiveness at higher speeds.

Car Speeds Up or Decelerates While Driving

In addition to slow response or no response to acceleration, you might also notice that your car suddenly drops speed or starts to accelerate while driving. Sudden acceleration or slowing down can happen if you just step lightly on the accelerator or even if you are not stepping on the gas pedal.

If you find this happening when driving, please don’t ignore the issue. Head to your service station and have your car checked up by a professional car technician.

Loss of control over speeding or deceleration can be very risky to you and other drivers on the

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Fuel contamination, as mentioned above, can happen in multiple ways. The reason why engine fuel contamination should not be ignored is because it can lead to engine damage.

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