Full service car wash

Giving your vehicle a full-service car wash on a regular basis is a great way to keep it looking good and working well. Full-service packages can come in many different varieties and price levels, and you will want to know what exactly is being done to your car. Here are 3 important things to know about a full-service car wash before committing to any specific car wash package.

  1. Do they use a hand wash or conveyor belt system? Most car washes use automated conveyor belt systems for cleaning vehicles quickly. An automated system is efficient if your car isn’t super dirty and you are short on time. But there is a limit on how much this system can clean your car, and for very dirty vehicles, a hand wash will be more thorough. Hand washing should get rid of dirt and debris that are stuck in small places, like the door jambs, wheels, and bumper. A good hand washing attendant will continue to clean your car until all dirt is removed.
  2. What other areas do they clean? Washing the outside of your vehicle is just one part of a full-service car wash. You should be sure to know which of any of the following cleaning treatments is also included in your package.
    1. Complete interior cleaning, including cleaning all floor mats, vacuuming all the carpeting, vacuuming underneath the seats, and cleaning and dressing of the dash and vinyl tops.
    1. Cleaning and dressing of the tires, whitewalls, and all rubber moldings.
    1. Cleaning and vacuuming inside the trunk.
    1. Chassis bath or undercarriage cleaning to remove salt and build-up of rust and debris. Properly cleaning your car’s undercarriage should include both a pressure washing and the use of a degreasing agent.
  3. What are the other detailing services included? A full-service car wash will usually include a variety of extra detailing options for your car. Here are the most common detailing options to be aware of:
  4. Exterior car hand wax and shine or clear coat protector. There are a lot of different waxing products available, so you should be sure to know which one is being used on your car. Putting a good sealing product on your car after washing will protect the clear and base color coat from fading due to UV rays of the sun.
  5. Foam carpet shampoo cleaning. If the carpeting in your car is really dirty, a shampoo cleaning will remove a lot more dirt and grime than just having the carpeting vacuumed.
  6. Leather seat and upholstery conditioning. Having a good treatment applied to your upholstery will keep it looking nice and prevent cracking or damage from sun exposure. You should ask about the products that they use for conditioning to be sure that they are appropriate for your car’s upholstery material.
  7. Undercoat protection. After having your car’s under-body washed, a rust inhibitor spray will help protect the underside of your vehicle.
  8. Tar removal. If your car has accumulated any tar build-up, a special spray product should be used to carefully remove the tar without causing any damage to your car’s exterior.

Giving your vehicle a full-service car wash should be a part of your regular maintenance. You want to be informed on the specifics of what is included in any car wash package, and what products are being used on your vehicle.

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