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Infiniti vehicles immediately caught the attention of drivers nationwide with their stylish designs and superior performance when they entered the North American market in 1989. As the luxury lineup of Nissan automotive, Infiniti lives up to the trademark reliability and durability of the Japanese brand.

However, issues will eventually show up on your Infinity vehicle as parts get worn over time. The fuel economy may drop as the auto engine becomes noisy and inefficient. If these go unchecked, they can lead to permanent and costly damages to your Infiniti.

And that’s why we are here! Meridian Automotive in Ada County, ID, is your one-stop auto shop for all the repair and maintenance needs of your prized Infiniti vehicle. We will help you keep your luxury car’s performance and resale value for many years to come.

Infiniti Vehicles that we service at Meridian Automotive

We service most domestic and foreign automobiles like European and Japanese imports. As such, we can repair all Infiniti coupes, SUVs, sedans, and convertibles like the I, J, Q, M, and QX series.

Our repair shop is home to ASE-certified auto mechanics and Master Technicians with decades of combined industry experience. That is why we are well-versed in repairing Infiniti and Nissan vehicles released through the years

Infiniti Engine Repair and Maintenance in Meridian

Do you notice poor gas mileage, vibrations, smoking, or knocking sounds coming from your auto engine? Call us right away at (208) 888-3797 to diagnose and repair the problem ASAP to avoid unexpected, costly breakdowns in the future.

We have the same computerized equipment and OB2 scanners as your Infiniti dealer in Idaho, so you can quickly and accurately determine what triggered your Check Engine Light.

Meridian Infiniti Hybrid and Auto Electrical Repair

Our auto repair shop can also accommodate hybrid models like the Infiniti Q50. Rest assured that we will handle your automotive engine and electric motor with the highest level of expertise and care. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment if you notice dimming headlights, difficulty starting up, and loss of power on your Infiniti. These symptoms are signs of auto electrical, battery, or wiring problems. Ignoring these may further increase your fuel costs and increase the risks of permanent damage to your Infiniti.

Infiniti Oil Change and other Maintenance Services

Most auto mechanics recommend that you visit a repair shop every 7,500 to 10,000 miles for regular maintenance. We agree with this, but we recommend bringing your Infiniti sooner if you notice gas mileage drops, poor emissions, and loss of power

We perform oil changes and fluid replacement for your brakes, transmission, and power steering. These procedures will keep mechanical components lubricated to reduce frictional damages and avoid overheating.

Infiniti Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Meridian, ID

Over time, the HVAC system of your Infiniti may fail to reach your desired cabin temperatures. Our resident automotive HVAC experts can fix refrigerant leaks and recharge your Freon if needed. We can also repair or replace your compressor with a new one.

Infiniti Repair and Maintenance in Meridian, ID

Entrust your premium Infiniti vehicle only to experienced and honest auto mechanics in Meridian, ID. We will treat your car like it is our own and help it stay reliable for many years to come.

Just dial (208) 888-3797 for appointments or schedule your visit conveniently through our website. Our auto repair facility is open Mondays through Fridays (7:30 AM – 5:30 PM) at 505 N. Main Street, Meridian, ID 83642.

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