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Meridian Automotive provides complete car tune-ups in Meridian, Idaho, for most cars, light trucks and SUV’s.

What is a tune-up?

Human beings go to the doctor for a checkup every six months to a year just to make sure all is well. We call these checkups “well visits”. A tune-up is basically a well visit for your vehicle. It can also be used as an excuse to introduce yourself to a new mechanic if you have recently moved.

What happens during a tune-up?

When you bring your vehicle in for a tune-up, a mechanic will analyze your vehicle’s performance, inspect your vehicle’s engine, and make any adjustments if they are needed.

Your mechanic will usually complete the following tasks when performing a tune-up.

  • Visually check the fuel-system components of the engine. Makes sure the fuel filter is clean and free of clogs, and making sure that if the filter was clogged, that it didn’t cause damage to the fuel pump. They will also look to see that the fuel system is free of grime and deposits.
  • Check fuel pumps performance and fuel pressure.
  • Check the spark plugs to try and determine their age, and look for signs of wear.
  • Make sure the spark plugs are functioning properly.
  • If applicable, check the ignition timing and idle, adjust if needed.
  • Inspect your engines PCV valve.
  • Check to see if your engine air filter and cabin air filter are in need of changing.
  • Check coolant and oil levels.
When the technician has finished looking over your vehicle, they will go over their findings with you, and if needed, let you know what items of maintenance you are looking at dealing with. Maintenance recommendations will vary from vehicle to vehicle based on their specific vehicle manufacturer recommendations, mileage, and age.

How often should I bring my vehicle in for a tune-up?

Service requirements will vary from vehicle to vehicle based on manufacturer, and vehicle age and mileage. However, it is usually recommended to have a complete vehicle look over at least once per year. Of course if you have any concerns you can bring your vehicle in for an inspection at any time.

Your vehicle manufacturer-recommended schedule for tune-ups and other maintenance can be found in your vehicle owner’s manual.

Don’t just trust anyone with your car tune-up, trust the experts at Meridian Automotive.  Call us today or schedule an appointment online.

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